COVID-19 Update
Since March 2020 we have had 18 confirmed cases of COVID 19.  Of these cases a total of 8 are currently symptom free and stable.

As of today, 4/27/2020 we have 3 residents with confirmed COVID test results that are in the fourteen-day window and considered infected.  2 of these 3 were admitted from the hospital.  These residents are being treated in house.  We have 14 residents that are under investigation or suspected of having the COVID 19 virus. In the past 24 hours we received test results for 0 residents that were COVID positive.  These residents are included in the 3 confirmed cases.

In the past 24 hours we have had no COVID related deaths.

A total of 31 staff members tested positive for COVID 19.  28 of these have recovered and returned to work. 

A total of 2 staff members were suspected of having COVID -19 of these 2 have been cleared to return to work.


In the past 24 hours no staff members have reported any positive COVID tests or symptoms of COVID


To decrease the potential for transmission we have all units under quarantine and have instituted droplet and contact precautions for all resident’s on affected units.  We are in constant communication with the CDC and NYSDOH and incorporate into our policies any new or revised directives.

We have had 28 residents recovered from confirmed positive or presumed positive.

This page. will be updated regularly with any new information regarding the COVID virus.